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Are you stuck outside your home or business and need to get in urgently, but you’ve lost your keys somewhere? Or, perhaps, you need to get the lock on your safe opened, but you’ve forgotten the combination? In situations like this, you should just call General Locksmith Store instead of panicking or attempting DIY solutions that could damage your property. General Locksmith Store offers professional lock opening services to Houston, TX. Our highly experienced locksmiths are familiar with a wide variety of mechanical and electronic locks and can have your lock opened in no time at all.

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Can the lock be opened without damage?

It is possible to get a lock opened without damage, but it depends on the lock in question, the person working on the lock and the tools they’re using. Some locks - like safes- can’t be unlocked without damage even with the best tools in the market. General Locksmith Store attempts to open your lock without causing it or your property any damage whatsoever.


Vast knowledge base:

General Locksmith Store locksmiths are well-trained and have a great deal of experience with lock opening. They have worked on a wide range of locks in their time. Locks can have some very intricate mechanisms and it takes professional knowledge to know how to get them opened without causing damage to the lock or the inner mechanism. We send our locksmiths on seminars and provide them with educational material to help them keep up with the advances in the locksmithing world.

Cutting-edge tools:

If you jimmy a lock, chances are you’re going to damage the lock or your property. General Locksmith Store carries some cutting-edge tools that help us open locks without damaging them. In case of electronic locks, they need special handheld machines or computers capable of reprogramming them. Lock opening isn’t about force – it’s about skill.

24-hour lock opening service you can trust

General Locksmith Store provides a 24-hour lock opening service to Houston, TX. If your lock stops working at 3 am or your key is stuck in the door and won’t budge, don’t think twice about calling us! Our mobile locksmith units can reach all areas of the community in quick time, within 30 minutes in most cases. Our locksmith teams are comprised of through professionals – they always respect your privacy while working and are friendly and polite.

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